How do we trade with options

For options dealing eminently determinant decision is when and which options to sell or to buy. More than 99% of traders on world´s options exchanges make this decision after the information evaluation in a form of results of two most widespread market analysis methods – technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The main aim of both analysis is future market trends prognosis. More accurately, it is a prognosis, whether the price of certain commodity, e.g. gold, crude oil or sugar will increase, decrease or stagnate. Current options traders use for their business decision information from both mentioned analysis and subsequently according to them they are planning their trades. Many options traders make in such way outstanding annual gains. But some of options traders close their trading with a zero gain or even with a loss.

Flexaret Investment does not use neither technical or fundamental analysis. Flexaret Investment never predicts whether, when and which commodity will increase or decrease.

In other words: we are not those who know or predict whether the price of e.g. natural gas, coffee or corn shall increase or decrease next month. But we are those who know exactly, what to do when increase or decrease shall occur. Namely based on so-called kinetic analysis, which is our know-how developed for more than 9 years. Kinetic analysis, whose author is our analytic team, deals with study of phenomena, which are evoked by the movement of underlying assets and their interaction partly at each other, and partly on derivatives of other underlying assets.

There are four best analysts from three countries – Great Britain, Switzerland and USA, working for Flexaret Investment Inc. Those four top analysts constitute our “Brain trust”. The results of his day-to day and practically continuous work are precise instructions which business manager obtains every day by means of electronic communication. He is entering them subsequently into sophisticated software commercial systems.